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By making accessible the texts of the Jewish/Christian and Islamic holy books in a unique side by side mode, and underlining similarities, we hope to encourage mutual understanding and reconcilition.


Dutch philosopher Marlies ter Borg has the creative ownership of the site content and concept.

The copying, downloading or distribution of the content (in part or in full) or the use of the layout, in any form whatsoever, requires prior written permission from marliesterborg@gmail.com
Permission was given to Marlies ter Borg for use of verses from

The authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible, Church of England 1611, the Crown United Kingdom

The Bible Contemporary English Version, Harper Collins 2000

New King James Version, Thomas Nelson 1982 © 1995 American Bible Society.

The Qur‘an Translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, Tahrike Tarsile Qur‘an IncNew York, 24th US Edition, 2008


Thanks to Patrick anf Frank, the excellent webdesigners who designed this four language site in a very short time, filling in the English and Dutch texts and for their help and encouragement.