Quran- Hebrew Bible- New Testament side by side

We revealed the Law (to Moses): therein was light. We sent him ( Jesus) the Gospel: therein was light…There has come from Our Messenger…a light and a perspicuous Book. Quran 5: 44,46,15
“If your enemy is hungry, feed him. If he is thirsty, give him a drink.
Tenach, Proverbs 25:21-23

“Anyone who destroys one soul from the sons of Man (benei Adam) is reckoned as if he destroyed the whole world.” Misnah Sanhedrin Jewish High Court, 4.5 200 AD

“if anyone slew a person – it would be as if he slew the whole people.  Quran 5 The Table Spread 32

“God brings wars to an end all over the world.” Psalm 46:9

“Allah is the Source of Peace.” Quran 59 The Gathering 23

By presenting texts of the Jewish, Christian and Islamic holy books, side by side quranandbiblesidebyside.com is designed to promote mutual understanding and peace.

The texts in BOLD are from the Tenach (Hebrew Bible), the Christian (New) Testament and the Quran.

In between are scholarly comments from Muslim, Jewish, and Christian, points of view.

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1.A Bridge of Stories – Marlies ter Borg24. Intermezzo – Sharing Mary
2. Intermezzo – From Creation to the Last Day25. Mary/Maryam and the birth of Jesus/’Isa
3. Tolerance and Pro-existence: understanding each other’s language – Moch Nur Ichwan26. Jesus/´Isa: His Life and Teachings
4. Bible and Qur’an Side by Side: Method and limitations – Marlies ter Borg27. Jesus/’Isa : Death, Resurrection, Ascension
5. The historic and academic context – Andrew Rippin28. Jesus/’Isa and Muhammad
6. Alpha – the Beginning29. Life After Death: the third creation
7. Creation30. Intermezzo – Individual responsibility and the Afterlife
8. Intermezzo – Reading the Creation Story together31. The Last Day, the Last Judgment
9. The creation of humankind32. Intermezzo – Interpreting hell
10. Intermezzo – The Wife of Adam and the Biblical Eve33. The Fires of Hell
11. Paradise lost34. Heavenly City/ Gardens of Paradise
12. Intermezzo – Longing for Brotherhood35. Intermezzo – Christians allowed into the Paradise Gardens?
13. Fratricide36. The position of Women
14. Noah/Nuh and the great flood37. Intermezzo – Inspiring Women
15. Abraham/Ibrahim, Ishmael/Ismail and Isaac/Ishaq38. Penal Law – Crime and Punishment
16. Lot/Lut and the Destruction of Sodom39. International law, war and peace
17. Joseph / Yusuf in Egypt40. Intermezzo – War and international law in the Qur’an
18. Moses/Musa41. Promise of peace
19. David / Dawood; shepherd, poet, king42. Common Values and Virtues
20. Solomon/Sulaiman …Queen of Sheba/Saba43. Attributes of God/Allah
21. The Sorrow of Job/Ayyub44. Biographical Notes on the Contributors
22. Jonah/Yunus in the Great Fish45. Acknowledgements
23. Zacharias, John, Mary/ Zakariya, Yahya, Maryam46. Bibliography

47. Images

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