Intermezzo – From Creation to the Last Day

The story behind the stories

Browsing through this anthology might make the reader wonder whether these stories are simply a string of beads, following one another in a more or less chronological order, or something more. Indeed there is a sense to the sequel, which can be explained nowhere else but annex to this introduction.

The story behind the stories begins before creation, when God was above the waters. In both books the universe is created in six days or divine periods. An interesting difference occurs on the seventh day. In intermezzo i. Herman Beck gives us a humorous anecdote from his experience as a Christian teaching in Indonesia. Another difference concerns the creation of woman. Barbara Stowasser shows in ii. how the Biblical story of woman created from the male rib influenced the Islamic interpretation of the Qur’an.

The main difference between the Qur’an and the Christian Bible starts where Adam and his wife Eve do wrong. In both books they disobey God’s command not to go near that one tree. In the Christian version, as explained by Paul, mankind falls into sin, only to be saved by the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Son of God and as such Himself divine. In the Qur’an version Adam and his wife repent and God forgives them, giving them another chance to live a righteous life on earth, thereby earning and regaining the garden of Eden. It is this different ending of the story of Paradise Lost that explains the different status given to the son of Mary. In the New Testament he is born the Son of God. who dies on the cross and is resurrected to save us from our sins.

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